Review on workplace rights compliance and enforcement

  21st February 2011      
 Company News, Human Resources

The Government is taking a direct role in ensuring that business complies with basic employment rights and related protections. In doing so, Employment Relations Minister Edward Davey, has announced intentions to review workplace rights compliance and enforcement arrangements in 2011.

Motives behind the review is an attempt to establish the scope for streamlining workplace rights and making them more effective as part of a wider employment law review. In particular the review will:

– Identify and asses the cost and operational benefits of different compliance and enforcement models

– Examine whether the government can do more to reduce compliance and inspection burdens on businesses

– Examine whether current enforcement powers and penalties are fit for purpose

– Consider whether helpline services can be linked more coherently to online advice channels

– Consider whether overlapping helpline services can be streamlined to deliver an improved and more cost effective service

– Examine how the government can work more effectively with third parties such as ‘Advice Bodies’

The review is to be undertaken in phases throughout 2011. The government will initially begin the process and hold meetings with key interested third parties to solicit views and test initial thinking. Following the first phase, the BIS will publish a statement of findings and look to publish a progress report on the government’s wider employment law review. The review is due for completion in late 2011.

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