Recruitment – an extension of your brand

  23rd September 2011      
 Company News

Yesterday we held our HR seminar ‘Recruitment — an extension of your brand’. It was a great morning which covered the importance of branding.

Branding should run through the whole company, inside and out and it is particularly important when we come out of the recession to help keep talent within the company. It is key to know exactly what your brand values are and to communicate them to all staff at all levels. As well as being an excellent way to promote the business to staff and customers, using brand values is essential in creating a solid brand identity. Building brand awareness is best from the inside, out.

Sue Hayes from Ann Summers shared the process her company went through for their internal campaign to boost employee engagement with brand values at the core. Focus groups with colleagues at all levels were implemented to find out what they thought were the key brand values of Ann Summers. From this, the internal campaign PRIDE was born — highlighting the values of Passionate, Respectful, Inclusive, Daring and Experts. The colleague campaign consisted of posters in staff areas with sections for employees to ‘sign up’ to these values.

A few months after the launch of this campaign, an employee engagement survey showed around 98% positive engagement — a huge success! When employees feel engaged with brand values, they feel engaged with the job and your company. Ann Summers continue to focus on their brand PRIDE at all levels, from recruitment and employee inductions to feeding it back up to those in management and leadership roles within the company. This is definitely a leading example to follow showing the impact of focussing on branding to increase employee engagement and retaining talent within the company.

Keep an eye out for a blog post next week on what we covered in the second half of the morning seminar yesterday, about the new Agency Workers Regulations.

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