Over a quarter of British workers would consider a career change

  1st June 2016      
 Human Resources, CIPD, Employment, Recruitment

Over a quarter of British workers (28%) are considering a career change in the next ten years, with 11% planning on pursuing it in the next year, according to a new poll commissioned by Oxford Open Learning Trust. (

The study showed that people are thinking about their options and whether to retrain completely for a brand new career path and highlighted that 58% of employees would consider training or retraining for a new career and 66% of workers and jobseekers are considering the same.

68% of British workers or jobseekers count their salary as an important factor when deciding on a new role, with working hours and location also being key motivators.

Working hours were the second biggest deciding factor amongst workers when selecting a new job role (57%), followed by location (49%) and a personal interest (48%). Job status and the opinion of family members were the least regarded factors when changing careers.

And a career change can apparently pay off with 34% of workers that were asked stating that their salary had increased after the first year of their new job. More than 1 in 20 (6%) had a pay rise of up to £10,000 after the first year of changing careers and after ten years, this figure increases to 10% of British workers saying their salaries increased by at least £10,000.

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