Improving Your Communications With Coaching Conversations



Improving Your Communications With Coaching Conversations


20th November 2018 – Bournemouth. Following on from a recent session on motivating and empowering teams – we uncovered that a common contributor to low motivation was leaders “telling” employees what to do! When employees or teams feel messages are “pushed” down the line motivation levels, innovation and productivity drop. As organisations look to empower their employees, so communication through coaching conversations become even more relevant because they “pull” the people into visions and enable them to be their best selves.


By expanding your communications repertoire (and those of the leaders) to include coaching means you can help and develop others, driving higher motivation and consequently improved business results because coaching is proven to improve employee morale, self-confidence, job satisfaction and organisational commitment, leading to improved productivity and bottom line results (22% profit improvement in a study by Manchester Inc. of Fortune 1000 companies).

What will we get out of this workshop? 

  • Understand the benefits of active listening and coaching
  • Understand what coaching is (and is not) and why it is beneficial
  • Learn a proven process – the “5O Coaching Model”
  • Practice the coaching process in a safe environment
  • Be more confident and effective in feeding back to others


Optional pre-work:

Some participants will get to experience coaching – if you’d like to be considered for that then bring at least 2 ideas of areas that you would like to have some help (coaching) on. Ideally these are small things that are bothering you – they can be inside or outside of work. You may be sharing these things with participants during the workshop, who will be helping you understand the challenge and consider ways to deal with it. Please note, it is not critical to know exactly what you’d like to be coached on, part of the process is uncovering what the real challenge is. However, it is useful to be prepared to start any coaching conversations with an idea of what you’d like to talk about.

About Dee Clayton & Simply Amazing Training

For more than 10 years, Simply Amazing Training, specialist executive presentations skills coaching and management training, have been working with companies and individuals, at all skill levels.  They have delivered training for national and global brands including Toyota, RBS, Boston Scientific, Volkswagen, Babybel and Kimberly-Clark, to name a few, to improve the performance of their key people. Businesses know that if their employees develop then not only will they be more successful, but they will represent and promote the brand in a way which delivers better results.

Newsflash: Simply Amazing Training of Bournemouth and St Albans, have been named as an award finalist in three categories in the SME National Business Awards 2018. Winners from twenty one categories will be crowned at a black tie gala dinner taking place at Wembley Stadium on Friday 7th December 2018.

Simply Amazing Training was one of only a few businesses to be announced as a finalist in three categories: Enterprising Business of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Dee Clayton and Business Woman of the Year, Dee Clayton.

Details of the event are as follows:

Date: Tuesday 20th November 2018
Time: 9.00am-11.30am
Place: AFC Bournemouth, Top Floor Restaurant, Dean Court, Kings Park, BH7 7AF

To attend, please complete the online booking form below:

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