One in five employees leave due to bullying

  16th October 2014      
 Company News, Employment, Human Resources

By Suzi Dixon, Community Editor, Bond Williams Have you ever been bullied at work? Share your story on our Facebook page…

Is your HR department aware of bullying in the workplace? And do they have a plan to deal with it? A new report found that as many as a third of workers have said that they were feeling bullied at work and as many as one in five have even left their job because of it, according to a study by CareerBuilder.

They asked almost 3,400 full time, private sector workers in various industries and company sizes about their experiences of bullying. Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources, believes that bullying is an issue that affects all employees “regardless of race, education, income, and level of authority within an organisation”.

“Many of the workers who have experienced this don’t confront the bully or elect not to report the incidents, which can prolong a negative work experience that leads some to leave their jobs,” she said in a statement. Some reported being belittled during meetings, constantly criticised, admonished in front of co-workers, deliberately excluded from projects and meetings, or mocked for personal characteristics like race, gender, and physical appearance.

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