Office Party No-Nos

  18th November 2011      
 Company News

With the festive season rapidly approaching, companies are organising office parties to round off the year with a social event which is great for employee morale.

Work parties are a great time to be more relaxed about mingling with your colleagues and bosses but when the alcohol starts flowing and the atmosphere lightens, it can be easy for some to forget that these are people you work with and for. Remember that you need to be making a good impression on a personal level as well as a professional one.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t make any of these office party mistakes:

1: The No-Show. The biggest error is not going to an office party that is a “must-attend” event. If you do that, you show disrespect for your company, your supervisors and your colleagues.

2: Forgetting the Boss is Watching. Be aware senior managers often pay attention to how people handle themselves at corporate events.

3: T-shirts and Sandals. Inappropriate dress at an office party draws attention, but the wrong kind. The goal here is to display professional qualities, not show how funky or daring you are.

4: The Business-talking Bore.
Some young professionals let ambition drive them. They don’t know how to enjoy conversation unless it is only about business. They become bores whom bosses avoid.

5: Me, Me, Me. Self-centred young professionals will have trouble working in teams with others…and co-workers and bosses pick up on this.

6: Who’s the Boss? It is amazing, but some young professionals do not introduce themselves to senior managers at a company party. They are afraid of what a boss might think, or they don’t realize the importance of a face- to-face meeting. They should not be surprised when bosses ignore them when it comes time for advancement.

7: About My Pay Boss.
An employee who raises pay or other personal issues at a company party is probably marked as a person who does not understand what is and is not appropriate at social events.

8: Hanky-panky. No longer is an office party an excuse for employees to become intimate.  Now it means sexual harassment charges and potential dismissal for one or both individuals. You have been warned!

9: The Uni Bash. Office parties are extensions of the workplace and not campus free-for-alls. Using some of the speech and behaviour allowed in School, University or College can show immaturity.

10: Set ’em up, John. Drinking to excess at a company party could kill a career, be aware of this when you are at the party. If you’re driving then it goes without saying you shouldn’t be drinking at all. If you are lucky enough to have a taxi organised – all the better. However, make sure you look around at the party, if you can’t see the heavy drinker somewhere ………….it’s probably YOU………….. so reign it in a little or call that taxi company early!!

Have a career enhancing and enjoyable festive season!

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