NLP for HR Professionals

Bond Williams - Part Funded - CPD Accredited 1 Day Course

As you may know we ran a whistle-stop, highly interactive and practical NLP workshop with Dee in January 2016 & September 2016. Because the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive we wanted to offer you the opportunity to learn NLP with a HR angle in more depth.


The details of the event are as follows:


Tuesday 8th November or Thursday 10th November 2016

Timings 9 to 5pm with 1 hour for lunch to Network

Location: Hilton Hotel, Bournemouth

Cost – Part Funded by Bond Williams – Cost to you £100 per person max of 2 per company


Whether you attended the previous workshop or not, we will learn some key NLP techniques, practise them in small groups and experience how they can be applied immediately with your HR role and across the wider business.

NLP skills offer broad benefits including extremely effective techniques you can use…

  • When recruiting
  • When motivating ourselves and others
  • To get the most from your teams
  • In staff appraisals
  • For influencing and persuading
  • When managing difficult conversations
  • During coaching conversations
  • As negotiation techniques
  • Whilst presenting
  • When delivering training


What are the details?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a collection of techniques that enable you to use your brain in a more helpful way to help yourself and those around you. It is an ever more popular technique but it may not be easy for time-pressured HR professionals to keep up with because firstly, there are hundreds of different elements which can develop all the time and secondly, there are plenty of not so helpful acronyms and terminology!

This course is perfect for curious “NLP newbies” and practitioners who fancy a refresh. The aim is to cut through the NLP clutter, show you practical techniques you can use immediately and provide a fun, supportive and safe  environment for you to practice your new found skills.

Some of these things may come naturally to you (in fact they probably will and that’s part of the reason you are successful in HR). But unless you learn how they work you can never teach those “natural” skills to others.


We will be covering:


Rapport and communication

  • The keys to successful communications every time
  • How we process information and why no one can see things exactly the same way
  • How to overcome those communication differences between people
  • Building rapport – the foundations for successful communications
  • What to do when rapport is broken – and how to regain it
  • How to manage conflict conversations in a way that feels nice
  • How will you apply these learnings in your role and wider business?

Motivating ourselves and others

  • Learn why Values are so critical to success
  • Experience how “Values” can motivate and de-motivate us
  • Values conflicts – a key contributor to stress
  • Elicit, understand and prioritise your work values
  • Experience your values being mis-matched
  • Experience the feeling when your values are matched
  • How will you apply these learnings in your role and wider business?

Understanding others

  • How to lead and influence others
  • How to understand the points of view of other people and solving problems
  • The benefits of using a third perspective
  • How to communicate at the “right” level (big picture vs details)
  • How to gain “hidden” information and more clarity on issues
  • Resolving differences and negotiating
  • How will you apply these learnings in your role and wider business?

Understanding the different senses

  • Learn about the key senses – Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic and Digital (Olfactory and Gustatory)
  • How can we use this to build rapport and communicate more effectively?
  • Different roles may have different preferences e.g. Finance & Marketing
  • How to adapt your communications accordingly – Learning styles, presentations and approaches.
  • How will you apply these learnings in your role and wider business?


Dee Clayton is a communication skills trainer and is passionate about using NLP to help develop herself and those around her. She has a multi-award winning business Simply Amazing Training which is based on bringing practical business NLP to companies and professionals in a simple, effective and fun way.


Dee is also the Marketing Director for the Association for NLP (ANLP) and has been working alongside the ANLP since 2009. She is a certified Trainer of NLP and a Trainer Member of ANLP International CIC.


To attend, please contact

Charmaine @ Bond Williams was very pleasant, helpful and totally professional throughout my dealings with her in my search for a new role. She gave me the confidence to go for a role which I was unsure if my skills would be enough. Thanks to her I ended up getting both phone and face-to-face interviews and being offered the role. Thanks again

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