New Year, New Jobs

  2nd January 2015      
 Company News, Employment, Recruitment

By Suzi Dixon, Community Editor
Looking for a new job for the new year? You are in luck! A new poll found 80 per cent of companies surveyed are planning to take on more permanent staff in the next few months – that’s according to a study of 600 companies produced by the respected Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

In fact, there is a skills shortage already, with more than 80 per cent of the firms surveyed using agency workers to get staff on board who have ‘key strategic skills’ required for the job. What’s more, the REC found that over 40 per cent of surveyed firms said they are aiming to hire more agency workers in the next quarter. Over 35 per cent plan to do so in the medium term.

So whether you are looking for a permanent or a temporary position, now is the perfect time to email your CV to

Confidence is on the up drastically! More than half (53 per cent) of the companies surveyed said that things are ‘starting to pick up’. This time last year, only 22 per cent were confident that the market and their business would pick up.

Employment minister Esther McVey said: “The UK labour market is getting stronger and there are record numbers of people in work, with full-time jobs counting for 95 per cent of the rise in employment over the past year.

“We will continue to stick to our long-term economic plan, which has helped enterprising businesses up and down the country to create jobs with two million more people working in the private sector since 2010.”

With new businesses opening and firms expanding in Bournemouth every day, it’s a great time to be an employer OR an employee. Tweet us @bondwilliamsrec and tell us your success stories.

Mrs McVey said: “Behind these record figures, there are countless stories of individual hard work and determination and of families who are now feeling more secure over the Christmas period and beyond.”

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