New Year, New Career

  5th January 2010      

The beginning of the New Year will always bring change. Whether it’s setting a new year’s resolution to get fit, diet or to find a new job.

A survey conducted by recruitment website revealed that 42% of workers would be looking for a new job as their New Year’s resolution, with one quarter reporting that career advancement was the key factor for wanting to move.

Moving from one job to the next has increased as a result of businesses who don’t keep their staff motivated. This is more apparent in those who are under 20 with most having had several jobs since leaving full-time education.

There are several factors why people decide to move jobs and the salary isn’t always a top priority. Feeling undervalued, bored, stressed or wanting to relocate, are all popular reasons for wanting to change jobs.

To make sure you don’t run the risk of losing your staff around this crucial time, making them feel valued and listen to their needs.  If an individual is happy in their current role, they won’t begin to look elsewhere.

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