New job? Start as you mean to go on

  1st April 2016      
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The first few months of a new role are often exciting, strange but also quite demanding. Whatever role you are starting make sure your first impression is positive, long-lasting and successful with our new job guide.


Know what to expect

Your employer should be as keen to settle you into your new role as you are yourself and therefore should make you feel as welcome as possible, the first impression you have of the team and how they work is crucial to your future success in your role. They should have someone to show you around, introduce you to colleagues and generally give you a good induction to the business.

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Make a plan

It’s always overwhelming being bombarded with too much information in the first few days. Plan your time carefully to get the most out of the opportunity and ask relevant questions early on during your induction; keep it professional and try not to get too personal too quickly. Cover off as much as you can and don’t be afraid to ask what the short-term expectations in the role will be, it shows you are genuinely interested and are taking the time to absorb the information you are being told. Claire Bond, Director at Bond Williams Professional Recruitment emphasises the importance of starting out on the right foot:

‘It is so important that new members of staff and employers can work together to form goals and objectives in the early stages. A three month achievable plan and targets that work for both parties will ensure that employees know where they stand. This way it’s easier to track their progress and ultimately secure their success in the new role.”


Adapt to your new surroundings

Takes notes to arm yourself with answers for when you next need them. Reread any information you can during less hectic times and in the evenings; relook at notes, remember where people are seated, who they are and what part they play in the business. Note who you will have regular contact with and relevant information that will help you build rapport and relationships with people as time develops.

Treat your first week as an extended on the job interview and make sure you are well presented on your first day, it is always easier to reassess your dress attire the following day and wear something less formal. Once you have successfully completed your probation, you will be more aware of where your strengths and weaknesses lie within the business and can harness this experience to put your next plan into action and make suggestions to how your employer can help you progress.


Positive mental attitude

Starting a new role can be intimidating even for the most confident of people but remember they offered you the role so they feel you are the best fit for the company, the team and the job itself. Speak and act with confidence and take the opportunity to prove you are the right person for the role and that they made the right decision in hiring you.

As long as you are hitting deadlines, organising your workload and tasks and making the right connections and relationships within the company you will be heading in the right direction and will find it the inspiring experience that it should be.


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