National Stress Awareness Day

  4th November 2015      
 Company News, Human Resources

Today (4th November 2015) is National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD) organised by ISMA, the International Stress Management Association.

The theme for 2015 is employee wellbeing as a worthwhile investment in your business. ISMA are encouraging employers to run employee wellbeing and stress management programmes and to give staff the tools to increase performance and productivity.

ISMA have packs available to download to explain what stress is and improving wellbeing and creating the physiology for creative engagement in the workplace. These packs can be downloaded from ISMA’s website.

Claire Bond, Director at Bond Williams, urges employers to pay attention to the human and business cost of stress. She says “UK workers take over 15 million days off a year due to stress, depression and anxiety. The cost of stress to UK employers is £26 billion each year, an average of £1,035 for every staff member. However, research shows that less than half of employees would tell their manager if they were feeling stressed and so it can remain an invisible but detrimental business risk. As such, prevention for all employees, rather than singling out stressed individuals, may be the best approach.”

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