National 'Sickie Day'

  4th February 2013      
 Company News

A bright sunny day but maybe a chance to enjoy a lie-in and a break from the winter working turmoil.

Today is ‘national sickie day’; research has shown that the first Monday in February is the most commonly taken day off, under the illusion of ‘feeling unwell’. With a combination of post Christmas blues, cold dark mornings, a long wait to the nearest public holiday, financial worries and in some case, flu outbreaks makes today the day to stay at home.

The research was undertaken by ELAS and Peter Mooney, head of the consultancy, said: “Over the past few years we have seen the number of people shirking their jobs increase, but it seems that the economy is finally affecting workers’ consciences.”

“Happiness is a key component in any well-functioning workplace, so it is essential for organisations to focus on boosting employees’ morale during this difficult time.
“Managers should keep an eye on people’s stress levels and ensure their staff have the right skills to cope with their workload. Businesses can also keep workers motivated and engaged with fresh challenges and opportunities to learn new skills.”

A mass duvet day like this one is calculated to cost employees and employers a combined total of £30M in wages and lost hours with up to 350,000 workers looking to find a viable reason to skip the day from work.

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