How To Motivate Your Teams More Effectively – Bond Williams in partnership with Dee Clayton

  17th January 2017       Private: Bond Williams
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Many companies have tried to improve motivation, perhaps with different incentives or reward schemes, shinier company cars or shopping vouchers. However, according to a recent report by The Telegraph, only 13% of staff felt that a bonus or a financial incentive motivated them to do more or try harder in their role.


Today, at our quarterly HR seminar; Bond Williams Professional Recruitment in partnership with Senior Management Performance/NLP Coach Dee Clayton challenged the common perception of ‘motivation’ and explored The 3 keys to optimising any team’s energy and engagement levels continually and measurably.


The seminar this morning was designed to coach senior HR professionals more about deeper motivational drivers and values and what might be blocking you and those around you. The morning workshop, held at AFC Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium explored:


How to identify values, deeper motivators and drivers.

Analysing motivators and the true cost of low motivation

The 9 motivators you must understand before you can improve performance

Your own personal motivators linking individual performance

The 3 Keys to optimising any team’s energy and engagement levels continually.

As always, the seminar was a great success and well-received by the 50 senior HR professionals who attended. A valuable element was taking the knowledge, and understanding how to apply it to team-work within the business environment. This included maximising employee or team performance, self-motivation, energising and building a team and how to measure and track motivation levels.


Claire Bond; Director at Bond Williams commented on today’s seminar:

“The seminar this morning was a real facilitator for change; once you know what intrinsically motivates you then you can make better decisions in all aspects of your professional life. As a manager, if you know what motivates each of your team you can tailor reward strategies to meet each individual’s needs. Motivation isn’t typically considered when hiring or promoting within an organisation even though it is critical to performance so it was an eye-opener to see how this affects efficiency within a team.

We would like to thank Dee for an enjoyable and valuable morning. Thank you also to everyone who attended, we would love to hear how you use this to maximise your employee or team performance within your own company.”


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Private: Bond Williams


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