More than 6,000 meetings in an average worker’s lifetime

  8th April 2015      
 Company News, Human Resources, IT & Software Solutions

By Suzi Dixon, Community Editor

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A new study showed that one in five employees has nodded off in a meeting at some point in their career – and no wonder, with experts predicting that we sit through 6,240 in our lifetime! The poll of 2,000 by Sennheiser Communications came up with the huge number by including catch-ups, client meetings and appraisals.

Six in 10 surveyed described meetings as “pointless”, while one in five admitted that they had dozed off during a meeting, at an average length of two minutes.

“There is nothing worse than being sat in a meeting that doesn’t really concern you,’ said Charlotte Gaskin, Marketing Manager at Sennheiser Communications… “So it’s not surprising then that so many people zone out, nod off or doodle.”

“Of the respondents we polled, many said that often a quick and concise conference call was more effective than a lengthy meeting which often resulted in expensive travel expenses,” Ms Gaskin continued.

Other fun facts from the survey – they estimate that over the course of a 40-year career the typical employee will drink 10,391 cups of cold coffee, complemented with 8,257 biscuits — with chocolate digestives being the top choice.

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