Mixed outlook for HR job seekers

  10th January 2011      
 Company News, Human Resources, Recruitment

A recent poll conducted by People Management Jobs has revealed that a number of HR Professionals who are currently looking for employment are open to lower pay if it enables them to gain greater job security.

In fact, 39% of people questioned said that they would be willing to take a pay cut in order to move into a more secure job with a further 28% being open to the idea.

Rob MacLachlan, editor of People Management commented,

“Our survey shows that it’s still a tough environment out there for HR jobseekers, and with the threat of redundancies hanging over the public sector in particular, job security is understandably at a premium.”

Interestingly, despite the gloomy atmosphere 59% of those responding to the poll said that they were confident or reasonably confident of securing a new role in the near future. This statistic supports research conducted by Badenock and Clark who predict that there will be a slight increase in activity for HR recruitment in Q1 and then further growth in Q2 and Q3.

Thus, we can hope that to counteract expected redundencies in the pucblic sector, opportunities will be emerging in the upcoming months for those currently seeking employment. Could this, coupled with many HR Professionals’ newly adopted outlook when it comes to salary versus job security mean that employement for HR could be on the up?

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