May Day, Labour Day

  1st May 2013       Charmaine Padfield
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The biggest fallout from the global economic crisis has been that effecting youth unemployment in Europe. This week recruitment companies reported a less gloomy picture in the Uk while our foreign neighbours go from bad to worse.

The figures recently published show that almost a quarter of 16 to 25 years olds in the Eurozone are unemployed, equally startling and worrying statistic which meets with future concerns on the labour market.


Greece is the worst affected, with 59.1% of under-25s unemployed, followed swiftly by Spain at 55.9% and Italy at 38.4%. Greece and Spain also bear the grim reality of having the worst unemployment figures overall with 27.2% and 26.7% respectively.

Protests are underway in Greece with regards to political unrest as well as the dire state of the economy and high unemployment figures. Spain too are starting their May Day, traditionally Labour Day, protesting against harsh government spending cuts, calling on both working and unemployed sectors, public and private trade unions to get out and make their voices heard.


Candido Mendez, head of UGT, said having more than 6 million people unemployed meant there had “never been a May 1 with more reason to take to the streets”.


In stark contrast, the April figures follow a strong first quarter for the UK jobs market, with 9% more job opportunities on offer during the first three months of the year, compared with the final quarter of 2012.

This rise echoes the recently announced GDP figures, which showed the UK economy grew by 0.3% in the first three months of the year.

Charmaine Padfield

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