Languages improve job prospects

  25th November 2010      
 Company News

The language diversity of Great Britain, reflecting our colonial history and continued global economic power means UK businesses are continuously trading and communicating with those of a foreign language.   The problem being relatively fewer Brits are leaving education with the skill of speaking a fluent second language therefore the demand for recruiting multilingual employees is in high demand.

UK companies are seeing the increasing benefits of hiring multilingual professionals however it’s the job seekers with the control.  There is high competition between employers to secure the best candidates with the right combination of experience and languages, forcing employers to become more flexible if they want the best talent.

The ‘European Hiring Trends Report’, in regards to hiring activity, found that there has been a 100% upturn in vacancies for the financial and banking services requiring languages from 2009.  The demand being in particular for French, German, Japanese, Russian, Dutch and Scandinavian speaking professionals in equity sales, relationship management, compliance risk and regulatory reporting.

The report found demand is particularly high for Dutch and Scandinavian languages due to the small pool of both native speakers and British nationals with this skill and is particularly high outside of London.

With linguists in high demand, jobseekers find it quick and easy to secure multiple interviews, allowing the job seeker to be meticulous when choosing an organisation to work for.  This influences businesses to make quick recruitment decisions to snap up the best candidates.

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