Jobs market remained strong before referendum but skills shortages could cause disruption – REC

  27th July 2016      
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The July JobsOutlook survey from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has revealed that out of 600 employers surveyed before the referendum, 45 per cent of employers believed economic conditions to be ‘getting better’, against 21 per cent who believed conditions were deteriorating.

According to the report, two thirds are adopting a cautious attitude to hiring and are planning on holding off for the foreseeable future with 66 per cent intending to keep their number of permanent employees the same over the short term (next three months).

Employers are also anticipating difficulties finding the right candidates for jobs in engineering, construction, hospitality, and health and social care.

In a recent survey conducted by Bond Williams Professional Recruitment, when asked the question ‘How do you feel the UK leaving the EU will affect your business?’ 60 per cent of UK businesses responded with ‘negatively’ and just 20 per cent with ‘positively’, with 20 % feeling ‘Indifferent’ about the anticipated impact on their businesses.

REC Chief Executive Kevin Green says:

 “Whilst it is too early to draw conclusions about the impact the EU referendum result will have on hiring activity, it is encouraging to see how strong the UK jobs market was in the months leading up to the vote.

 “Data from the ONS shows that employment grew by 624,000 in the last year and we have our best ever employment rate of 74.4 per cent. This supports the idea that the jobs market will be able to withstand any disruption to the economic outlook.




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