Job interviewing gets serious

  7th August 2013      
 Company News

If you are looking to beat the competition for your perfect job today’s research proves that you are going to have to go the extra mile. A survey carried out by  has revealed that the average job seeker will now travel up to 70 miles without hesitation to bag their dream career position.

With the job market crying out for skilled personnel , many job hunters are spending up to five hours researching a company, the vacancy description after tailoring their CV in order to prove their worth and  to match the vital statistics for a post. Once at an interview stage more than 44% are now spending up to two hours preparing for the big event. The research also showed that people are willing to spend an average of £32 travelling and buying clothes specifically for an interview situation.

John Salt, spokesperson at said: “Despite the fact that the UK jobs market has grown in recent years, it is still a competitive market. These statistics show that jobseekers are increasingly aware of the commitment they need to make in order to find employment.

“This is no longer a time where people can expect to walk into a job, or be able to ‘wing’ the interview. People are willing to travel a long distance from their homes, and an increasing number are willing to put in over five hours work, in order to better their chances.”

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