Job interview blunders – what we advise our candidates NOT to do!

  16th March 2015      
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Chewing gum, answering your mobile phone, wearing jeans, slouching in your chair – a recent piece in the Daily Mail revealed some of the UK’s worst blunders in job interviews. Too much makeup and high-fashion or scruffy clothing are seen all-too-often in the interview room, according to the article. Experts said a number of people are still making numerous interview blunders, despite first impressions still being considered very important.

You would think this is common sense but unfortunately, some candidates are either ill-prepared or unenthusiastic. Here at Bond Williams Professional Recruitment we work closely with our candidates to ensure they don’t waste your time with a lacklustre interview.

Misspelled CVs will not pass our vetting procedure, missing work history is followed up and references are all ironed out before someone reaches your office. Combined with our internal thorough face to face interview to ensure both a good fit for your company and the right match for the job role. We also encourage our candidates to thoroughly research the company and read up on the role.

“Going for an interview can be pretty nerve racking, but the more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel and appear,” said Claire Bond. “It still surprises me how many people go for interviews not knowing anything about the roles they are applying for, what suitable skills they feel they have or even anything about the company.”

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