Interview with Bond Williams directors Claire & Rob Bond

  8th October 2010      
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“Knowing that we are genuinely helping people find great jobs and also helping companies we work with find excellent, well matched staff” is what Rob Bond describes as the best feature about working for Bond Williams.

This month Bond Williams would like to introduce you to directors, Claire and Rob Bond. Claire started the agency from grass roots with Rob moving into the business full-time three years ago. Both have contributed to the ever-expanding growth of the agency since 2004, playing a huge part in helping to reach the level of success they enjoy today as one of the premier independent recruitment agencies in the Bournemouth area.

Besides dedicating their working day to helping companies recruit the best candidates suitable for the job, outside of work Claire and Rob are both certified Rescue Divers in addition to enjoying many other sporting activities and most importantly, spending time with their family.

Unsurprisingly Claire said “never having enough hours in the day” is the biggest challenge within her role at Bond Williams, despite this she still manages to ensure that everyone is happy and well informed and their clients are looked after. Rob’s biggest challenge when asked was “managing the expectations of clients and candidates with regards to decision timelines and the recruitment lifecycle”. It is great to see Rob and Claire overcome these challenges in the workplace whilst simultaneously supporting a young family at home — a huge challenge in itself. Balancing family with a sucessful career has become the norm for many other Bond Williams staff due to a bit of a baby boom over the past three years with a total of five babies born between four members of the team! 

As the directors of a recruitment agency we thought it was only right to ask them for a little advice to help job seekers to find the right role and shine in an interview. Claire states “it’s essential to research a company before going for an interview, think about questions that you may be asked related to the role and how you can give specific examples”. Rob has three pieces of advice, firstly “find a good recruitment agency (well I would say that, wouldn’t I).” Bond Williams perhaps Rob? Secondly “be as active as possible when looking for work. It’s funny how lucky you will get if you put in a bit of effort in terms of researching local companies and resources” and thirdly “dress for the job you want not the job you have! Within reason, obviously don’t come to work in a surgeon’s green theatre gown if you are currently a medical secretary.” This easy-going sense of humour proves that Jim Carrey would be the celebrity to play Rob in a film as he replied in response to our final question “which celebrity would play you in a film?”

Like Rob and Claire, all members of the Bond Williams team are friendly, approachable and helpful so if you are looking for a new career, advice on job seeking or help recruiting the right person for your business then please do get in touch.

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