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Interview with Gareth Mortimer; Senior Recruitment Consultant – Accounting & Finance



Interview with Gareth Mortimer; Senior Recruitment Consultant – Accounting & Finance

23rd November 2016Company News, Employment, Executive Search, Human Resources, Recruitment

Gareth Mortimer is the latest new recruit for Bond Williams Professional Recruitment, joining their specialist Accounting & Finance division. Here, he looks at the accounting sector and the recruitment challenges that lay ahead.


What is your recruitment background?

“I have over 12 years’ experience in recruitment at a variety of levels, the vast majority of which has been spent within the Finance sector and other professional services throughout London and the South Coast. I have worked for a wide range of organisations, from SME level to global brands and I believe I have developed a high standard for delivering quality solutions for both clients and job seekers alike.”


What enticed you to join Bond Williams?

“Bond Williams have an impressive reputation with clients which is not to be understated and is hard-earned within this industry. Upon meeting the Directors and their team of consultants, I could see that this was an organised agency with bold aspirations for growth and very clear ideas about how to achieve this development.

I have joined them at an exciting time, as they have recently opened their new office on Richmond Hill, which offers a modern and inspiring environment to meet clients and interview candidates.

Finally, it was crucial to me to find an agency with niche specialist divisions, obviously including finance, and experienced professional recruiters within these sectors. I look forward to working with Louise, Philippa and Alison in the Accounting & Finance Team as they have wonderful experience which I am sure I will continue to learn from as well as bringing my own ideas to developing their client base even further.”


What are the current challenges to the finance sector?

“The world faces multiple economic challenges in 2016. What Brexit actually means, Europe struggling to manage migrant and debt crises, doubt over China’s financial stability and who knows the impact of President Trump? That said, after years of gloom, the UK economy appears to be on the cusp of a period of sustained good health. SMEs seem to be cautiously optimistic and there remains a strong demand for skilled, qualified workers in the finance profession. The main threats to growth in our industry come in the form of skills shortages, off-shoring and automation.

We provide staff resource on a permanent, interim, contract or temporary basis, from Accounts Assistants, through management level up to Boardroom CFO’s. Locally, the search for talent remains highly competitive.

We have to respond quickly and thoroughly to meet the demands of our clients. We are committed to hiring the right staff for their finance teams and can undertake a variety of screening techniques to select the right people, from interviewing to psychometric profiling if required so that the shortlist of candidates is always fully tailored to their needs.”


How do you ensure a good candidate experience?

“I have always thought that a consultative, open and honest approach is the best attitude as a recruitment consultant and it has earned me positive feedback from both candidates and clients.

I aim to set transparent expectations from the start with each candidate and I think that listening is one of the main skills required in this job. Candidates can feel unfairly treated if they don’t hear back after an application, so it’s important to communicate regularly, even if you don’t have good news for them.

I also think that employers need to hear feedback from the candidates after an interview, in addition to employer feedback on applicants. It offers closure to the candidate and often provides some pointers for improvement to future candidate experience.”


What is the best thing about your job?

“Recruiting is a win/win/win. If I was selling you a car, I would aim for the highest price, you would push for the lowest and only one of us will feel we ‘won’, the other a bit despondent. In recruitment, everybody can win. Happy client equals happy candidate, which leads to a happy recruitment consultant! There is something extremely rewarding about doing a job where everyone is thankful and enthusiastic about the outcome. Finding someone a job makes a huge impact on their life and I think that is something to be proud of.”


If you are looking for a new opportunity within Accounting & Finance or support in sourcing Finance professionals, call Gareth today on: 01202 233777.



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