Interim Managers: The real ROI

  25th September 2017      
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It is a common misconception that Interim Managers on a day rate are too expensive, but making a comparison between an Interim Manager & a PAYE one should be done carefully, once you have added in bonuses, holiday pay, NI contributions, pension, health and company car benefits, the real cost of an executive on a full-time salary is actually costing the business a lot more. These costs do not apply to Interim Managers, they are a cost effective use of highly skilled and experienced individuals and the ROI is often invaluable. Aside from value for money, what are the benefits of hiring an Interim Manager for your business?


Interim managers are available to start within days with minimum termination formalities, meaning work can start immediately with no lengthy recruitment processes and costs as there would typically be with a permanent employee.

Fresh perspective

A massive advantage is that an Interim manager can offer solutions gathered from different industries and businesses which may not have been considered before because of lack of expertise. An interim manager has expertise that are very difficult to replicate in the permanent workforce. Client’s find great value in having their business interpreted through a fresh pair of eyes with no corporate politics.


Interim managers can operate fully independently with little guidance or training offering instant experience and a capability which is almost always higher than the job requires. With a wealth of experience comes skill, contacts and knowledge that will be transferred to your team and remain long after they have left.


Interims can hit the ground running, focus on results and deliver high quality impact because of their relentless pursuit of the desired results. Unlike a permanent employee who is given an onboarding period, an interim manager will start delivering results almost immediately. They are able to identify quick wins and rapidly build relationships while also getting stuck in to deliver the strategy too.


While also being sensitive to the company’s ethos, an Interim manager will not be constrained by company politics or previous conflicts. Having no history with your business means they can look at the situation objectively and with clarity. As they do not expect to have a long career with you their dialogue can be more honest. In short, they are able to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

At Bond Williams we have the market knowledge and years of experience in providing quality Interim Managers for:

– Project management

– Turnaround and restructuring

– Business efficiencies

–  Growth strategies

– Senior or Board level vacancies

Speak to us first and ensure your essential business change projects are delivered on time and the critical skills you need are ready when you are.

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