Increase in recruitment of graduates

  2nd December 2010      
 Company News

Since the recession, the demand from employers for university leavers fell dramatically.  In January 2010, 21,000 graduates from 2009 were recorded to be without work, forcing graduate unemployment to reach its highest levels in 17 years.

However the 2010/11 annual graduate recruitment survey conducted by XpertHr, found that a promising 71.6% of companies are currently recruiting graduates and 84.2% predict they will also do in the future.  Even with this increase in graduate recruitment, employers are beginning to face barriers.

Despite the large number of graduates looking for entry-level jobs, the survey found that employers have seen a lack in the number of high quality university leavers available.  The large number of graduates looking for careers is making it harder for recruiters to single out candidates with the specific and desired qualities and skills.  The survey found that as a consequence four out of ten employers have had to make significant changes in the way they try to recruit graduates in the last two years.

Many employers will and still create a link with Universities to attract graduates to ease the recruitment process.  However demand has increased for the use of internet platforms in recruitment such as corporate websites or job boards as these have proven to be the most effective tool when recruiting graduates.

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