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  19th November 2019       Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)
 Accounting & Finance, Company News

Accounting is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Many company owners have tried to balance their own books only to discover it needs more time, skill and patience than they ever imagined.

Outsourcing accounts has become a popular cost saving option, especially amoung small businesses and start ups. While it may help those on a budget, it can, ironically, end up being a false economy through a lack of integration and inability to sync with a company’s immediate needs. Bond Williams is a big champion of in-house accounts staff, and here are some of the reasons why:-

You can request specialist skills: building an in-house accounts team is the perfect antidote to general, generic accounts. Direct employment gives companies the opportunity to recruit the really specific skills and niche experience that best suits their industry. Bond Williams devises recruitment strategies that generate meaningful CVs and produce shortlists of candidates who have relevant experience for a ‘best fit’ result.

You’ll have more control of your business: arms-length accounts may feel the smart choice but it can create a sense of detachment when it comes to a company’s finances. An in-house accounts department can feed real-time figures to key staff so they can work reactively, pro-actively and make informed decision in an instant – something that may not happen if you’re outsourcing and not always an immediate priority.

You can start small and scale up: if the thought of multiple salaries is scaring you off creating an in-house accounts team, talk to Bond Williams. We will work together to identify what finance services you need and find multi-skilled candidates who can perform more than one role. Don’t forget, you can always recruit again as your needs and business grows.

Your preference can be for part-timers: if you’re worried about not having enough accountancy work for a full-time person, don’t panic. Many experienced finance experts are looking for family-friendly hours, a job share or a flexible approach to employment. Bond Williams will pull together a team that work coherently but also match the workflow requirements of each company.

You can shape and train in-house staff: when you employ staff directly, you gain people who will get to know your business intimately and who will develop a sense of loyalty. In-house staff can also be moulded, briefed and trained to keep up with your growth, providing you with continuity, confidentiality and a constantly-evolving bespoke accounts service.

You’ll gain instant access to accounts and finance expertise: you’re more likely to get an immediate answer to a question or receive the spreadsheet you need if your accounts team are in the same building as you. What’s more, finance experts should be an integral part of business planning and future success – if they’re directly employed by you, they can be involved in day-to-day decisions as they happen.

Bond Williams can source an entire accounts team on behalf of companies, from assistants through to finance directors. Our dedicated Accounts and Finance department can advise on the necessary hires that will create a balanced, fully functioning team, working with specific budgets and taking into account the size of company. Contact us today for advice and a list of experienced accounts candidates who are in the job market.

Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)

Associate Director

Louise is an experienced specialist accounting & finance recruitment professional with over 30 years’ experience specialising in the sector during which time she has gained an esteemed reputation as one of the region’s leading recruiters evidenced by her long list of loyal and happy clients. Louise is also Group Secretary …

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