HRD 2012 – The Importance of Leadership & Development

  13th March 2012      
 CIPD, Company News, Human Resources

Good leadership and development are vital, in ensuring the success of a business. In light, of the important contribution made by small and medium enterprises to the on-going economic recovery, it is clear that innovative and good quality leadership has never been more valuable.

The tools to achieve this will be put on display at this year’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) learning and development event, HRD 2012.  The Human Resources Development Conference provides all you need to add value to your business through leadership and development. Attend for practical tools and techniques, expert advice, lessons learned from leading organisations and ‘quick wins’ to take back to work.

Expert speakers will include: British Gas, Cancer Research UK, Asda, Mars Inc, Tesco, The Army, and Mercedes-Benz, amongst other. Experts like these will offer conference visitors, practical guidance and techniques for development in their organisations, as well as the latest insights into leadership development.

Highlights include a talk from Elizabeth Sideris, Executive Director of HR, at Cancer Research UK, on how to improve your Leadership Capability and Capacity, as well as the Director of Organisational Development at Premier Foods instructing on developing leaders who are fit for the future.

As well as the conference, an HRD exhibition will simultaneously be taking place, showcasing suppliers of leadership development programmes, and their latest products and services.  The exhibition covers all aspects of L&D, and includes a free programme of Topic Taster presentations, a Learning Arena and a new Technology for Learning Zone.

Vanessa Robinson, Head of HR Practice Development, CIPD, says: “Leadership is a constantly evolving discipline, which has a number of different areas for development…

“Developing the right leadership at the top is the best way to ensure the right environment for sustainable organisation success.”

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