HR demand for psychology experts!

  14th March 2011      
 Human Resources

As businesses are beginning to start their development and expansion process, it is essential for HR to effectively manage their workforce to gain maximum output. According to David Mason, International talent acquisition director at global engineering services company CH2M Hill, HR is increasingly looking for candidates with psychology qualifications to drive business performance.

There has been considerable growth in candidates with HR and psychology qualifications and organisational effectiveness, who five years ago were non-existent. The growth in recruitment for psychology candidates has developed as knowledge and awareness for the benefits the skills bring to the workforce increase.

Psychology professionals have the ability to contribute to how HR leaders are trained, to help develop individuals and produce better performance. For an organisation to optimise their managing staff’s performance, psychology professionals are required for their knowledge in grooming and motivating employees.

To develop individual employees, psychologists need to work with the younger generation who are often averse to being dominated. This has an impact on an organisation’s functionality. To optimise organisations functionality, psychologists are required to mentor and coach this generation.

HR are obliged as part of their role, to improve and maintain employee efficiency. To achieve this, organisational psychologists are often employed due to their knowledge about human factoring. The skills offered in this department allow for improvement in performance and the well-being of an organisations workforce.

In addition to the use of psychology experts to maximise an organisations efficiency, performance and functionality, psychologists are often used for employer branding. Many large companies often advertise their HR and employment related branding on their website. This is to emphasise themselves as employer-friendly, wishing to project themselves as “the best” in the Human Resource Policies. To maximise HR’s efficiency and to emphasise this within the recruitment process to attract the best candidates, psychologists are often involved in conducting job interviews.

In addition to the involvement of psychologists, the HR profession also relies upon the expertise from the following disciplines:
–    Political Science & Diplomacy
–    Country specific knowledge to manage diversity
–    Religion
–    Financial Management
–    Economics
–    Law
–    Anthropology

As we begin to increase retention and growth within employment, the demand for HR to recruit and manage the best employees, requires experts within psychology. So if you have experience within psychology, or any other listed sectors — be sure to put it down on your CV and emphasise your extent of knowledge concerning the topic during your interview.

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