How can social media help to target the most desirable candidates?

  26th October 2012      
 Company News, Employment

In order to ensure that companies attract the best candidates they need to embrace social media for recruitment, says Faye Holland, Managing Director from SharedXpertise.

Although most businesses are well-versed in using social media for brand-building purposes, not enough have embraced in for recruitment purposes, and are missing opportunities to connect with the best candidates.

Firstly different platforms each offer different advantages and challenges. For example LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are currently the major social media channels, and offer a wide audience, but it is also worth exploring other less conventional channels like Google+ or the YouTube to spread your recruitment message. Many graduate training schemes also target new candidates with in-depth blogs, which provide a window into the company culture and day-to-day work involved in particular roles.

Integrating social media in to your recruitment process will allow your business to connect with both potential and current candidates. In the first instance you will be able to provide potential jobseekers with an insight in to your company ethic, and build a relationship before a role even becomes available — using the site to alert them when one does.

Employing social media means that the hiring process can be about more than just a CV. However, it is important that you don’t just have an online presence, but that it is a good one. For example, neglecting to reply to possible candidates promptly or personally has the potential to damage the relationship.

Social media has the potential to revolutionise the way in which companies recruit. It’s essential that HR departments endeavour to move with the times and shift their focus from the straightforward collection of CVs to a more personal, developmental form of recruitment. Failure to embrace this trend could mean that top talent are building relationships with your competitors, rather than you.

It’s more of a long term view than some recruiters may be used to, but engage in the right way and you will find social media becomes an essential tool in the hunt for new employees.

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