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  7th July 2015       Private: Bond Williams
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UK employers need to do more to impress job applicants and may be making basic mistakes in the way they engage with job applicants and risk losing out on talent. This is based on new research published today by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

In the ever-evolving relationship between jobseekers and hirers, businesses need to do more to compete for candidates, as the people looking for new jobs have more power due to a high number of vacancies. The research found:

– 34% say that providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates is the most important improvement that employers could make.
– 51% of workers who had a bad experience discussed it with friends and family.
– 93% of workers who described their last experience as ‘bad’ were not asked for feedback from the employer.

Kevin Green, CEO of the REC, commented: “The candidate strikes back – it’s getting harder for businesses to find the people they need, but despite this the way employers recruit candidates is getting worse.”

Hannah Darby, Senior Consultant in the Office & Commercial Division of Bond Williams says “Many businesses make mistakes which have implications for their organisation’s reputation and ultimately their bottom line. Be aware that job seekers communicate their experiences to others and while your Marketing Team are investing in enhancing the brand and reputation of the business, their good work may be being undone just as fast by potential employees who did not rate the recruitment process, sharing this on and off line with their peers. Of course, utilising an agency for recruitment enables the process to be managed by a third party who can gather feedback more freely from both sides and so it is important to invite feedback from your recruitment consultant as well!”

A strong, attractive employer brand can halve the cost per hire and reduce employee turnover by 30%. This underlines the importance of getting it right. Learning from this report, improving the way you engage with candidates can generate a competitive advantage:
1. provide clear and specific feedback to successful and unsuccessful candidates;
2. invite feedback on the recruitment process;
3. improve job-related content that’s available to candidates;
4. reduce the time between interview and decision; and
5. ensure that line managers make contact with successful candidates before the start date.

Private: Bond Williams


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