Hours at work, petrol and supermarket meal deals: The lifetime costs for an average employee

  25th June 2018       Michelle Turner
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The latest findings from CIPD course providers, DPG Plc have revealed that the average employee will spend a total of 82,068 hours at work over their lifetime, the equivalent to working a 9.4 year shift or 3,420 days without a break.

Based on the average UK salary, each UK worker will end up a millionaire; in the sense that a lifetime’s wages add up to £1,260,720 – enough to fill only one suitcase in £50 notes. Of this amount, a staggering quarter of a million (£252,144) will be taken in taxes – more than the average UK house price in 2017!

These findings are based on an analysis of the average UK worker and the different variables that apply to the entirety of their working life.

The cost of a lifetime of work lunches also amounts to astounding levels, with packed lunches costing an average employee around £14,746. Shockingly, a supermarket meal deal is 138% more expensive than a packed lunch at £35,110. If you stacked all of the sandwiches that an average employee will eat during their lunch breaks (585 loaves worth) it would reach 409 metres high which is 92% the height of the Empire State Building!

DPG’s analysis also revealed these rather unsettling statistics. The average UK worker will:

Get just 4% more time with their partner or family than they do their work colleagues

Drink 28,088 cups of coffee over their working life. That’s 9,830 litres, or 40 wheelie bins

Spend 2,909 hours on the toilet at work

Smokers will spend 317 days smoking non-stop (if you add up their 45,643 breaks)

Spend 10,086 hours procrastinating

3 years and 6 months on holiday

Drive 218,150 miles, which will cost £19,444 in fuel and get you 91.3% of the way to the moon. A lifetime of commuting also amounts to a 15-month continuous journey.

Spend 1.7% of their working life off sick – or 199 days.


A spokesperson said:

“We also found that the average worker will spend 582 hours waiting for the kettle to boil over their working life. This may seem like a lot, but we mustn’t lose sight of the benefits that regular breaks can have on productivity. Sometimes a few minutes away from the desk can work wonders for clearing the mind and returning to a task with a renewed energy.

“The fact that you only spend 4% less time at work than you do at home just goes to highlight how important it is to create a positive work environment. Management and HR hold the power to make this significant proportion of our lives as productive and enjoyable as possible, which is why it’s important they’re equipped to make this happen.”

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