High demand for women in the IT sector

  7th April 2011      
 Company News, IT & Software Solutions

We all hear about the lack of jobs available but within one industry recruitment agency IntaPeople actually report a lack of staff. It has recently been reported that the IT industry are suffering from a severe lack in women.

According to IntaPeople, the number of applications made by female workers within the IT profession has dropped by 1.7% in the last 12 months. There is no firm reason as to why there are a diminishing number of women entering the IT profession but encouragement is needed and rightly so by the government.

At present the government is placing strong emphasis on technology as part of its latest enterprise plans. Therefore, now, more than ever, is an ideal time for the government to take positive steps towards ensuring that more women are involved in IT and technology.

Recent research suggests a perfect opportunity as more and more people are using social media and online platforms to stay on the recruitment ball and to job seek. This is great for targeting and encouraging women to join such professions.

As the demand is high for women within the industries, an increase in the creation of graduate jobs for women is becoming apparent. Therefore it is important for women to remember that starting a career in the IT and technology industry is not unfeminine and does not require you to give up all other interests. In addition, start to incorporate such technological practices in your everyday life, as an increasing number of recruitment agencies are using social media and technical platforms to advertise positions.

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