Harness these 7 trends to attract the best IT talent

  17th August 2017       Charmaine Padfield
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The Developer Survey from Stack Overflow has found that nearly three quarters of developers are either actively searching for a new role or open to exploring a career move. The biggest hurdle to engaging digital talent is the failure of some recruiters to recognise what IT professionals want from their next role.

Employers are under pressure to hire the best before their competitors and the technology industry has responded. Harness these 7 requirements to attract the IT professionals your business needs:

Broaden your talent pool: The IT sector is candidate driven and often you need to look beyond the traditional hiring methods to get the best results. The developers in the Stack Overflow survey described themselves as partly ‘self-taught’ and 71% considered their qualifications to be ‘non-traditional’. It’s time to broaden your perspective and consider adjusting screening filters to focus more on unconventional talent.

Review your recruitment strategy: The most effective talent acquisition strategies are driven by powerful HR technology, which enables you to source, recognise and hire professionals quickly and efficiently. Support your recruiting strategy with modern recruitment software and techniques, used by some of the world’s leading organisations to help you hire technology talent faster.

Emphasise your brand values, not just the salary: Salary is up there in the top three priorities for tech talent, however, in our experience as recruiters it’s vitally important to ensure businesses drive their core values to truly reflect the reality of the company culture and its ambitions for the future. The companies that will retain the best talent in our experience are those that not only advertise their brand values openly but those who nurture and accurately reflect them throughout every aspect of their business on a daily basis. Unrealistic expectations and unspecific requirements of many employers will turn IT professionals off. If you promote the values that make up your company culture then you will find like-minded individuals who share those same values giving you a better chance of recruiting the best person for the job.

Prioritise digital skills training: A survey from Barclays UK found that the average business spends just £109 per employee per year on digital skills training. Most employers rely on hiring young talent with only the essential skills but this is not a dependable recruitment strategy. 70% of developers in the survey said that learning new skills is a priority for them. Employers must offer continuous learning opportunities to stay ahead of the curve and to retain the best and most ambitious digital talent.

Create the right environment: As well as training and development opportunities, it’s important to provide the right working environment for IT professionals to thrive. It’s not surprising that potential employees are putting more emphasis on being able to work in a clean, bright, modern, and creative environment. Getting this right has a substantial impact on a company’s ability to attract new employees and first impression really do count. Create a space that allows them to be creative and offers flexible working options, such as work from home days or remote working spaces.

Use the Gig Economy: The CIPD predicts that the growth in the flexible labour force will help to counterbalance skills shortages throughout 2017. The rise of the ‘portfolio’ career is becoming more appealing for IT professionals as a way to constantly learn new skills and enhance their employability.

Outsource the process: Broaden your online recruitment sources beyond the standard platforms to attract talent. A reputable professional agency will be in a position to access a range of quality active and passive candidates alongside a wide network of contacts collected over their years in the business. They will also be optimising their job adverts to rank highly in candidate’s job searches and have access to analytics to provide insight into where your best hires are coming from.

If you are looking for new IT professionals, we can work with you to source the best candidates to help drive your business forward. Contact Charmaine or Michelle from our IT recruitment team today to discuss your requirements 01202 233777.


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