Half of workers regret their career choice

  26th October 2015      
 Company News, Human Resources, Recruitment, Temps

Nearly half (47%) of all workers in the UK would like to change career, according to research from the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF).

The report shows that 21% workers are looking to make a move in the next 12 months. Increased salary prospects, better work / life balance and improved job satisfaction are the main drivers.

23%, nearly a quarter said they would actually go so far as to say they regretted their current career choice. This figure was highest for workers aged between 25-34. However, despite being so disillusioned, many are unwilling to change careers. Almost a third said the lack of financial security around changing career was a major barrier, but uncertainty about which new career path and a fear of failure were also factors.

Hannah Darby, a Consultant in our Office & Commercial Division, says “Depending on the industry, it has become acceptable to stay in a role for two years. It depends on how flexible a company can be in terms of catering for someone’s needs as their career progresses. One of the significant factors we see in people moving jobs is the relationship they have with their line manager. If this is poor, this is more likely to make people leave an organisation over and above anything else, including dissatisfactions with salary.”

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