Graduates pull out all the stops in order to secure jobs

  14th September 2010      
 Company News, Employment

With 69 graduates applying for every single job, it’s down to the candidates to ensure they have the best possible chance of fighting off the competition and securing the role.

As the number of graduates achieving a 2.1 or above continues to rise, the key criteria used in the selection process is beginning to change; at present is seems that candidates need to do more in order to make themselves ‘stand out from the crowd’. 

Many job-seekers are now undertaking work experience placements and voluntary work to boost their chances of being offered a job. A survey conducted by the Vodafone UK Graduate Programme reported 69% of graduates undertaking work experience placements with an additional 34% undertaking voluntary work.

So how far would you go to improve your CV and better your chances of getting a job?

Hundreds of young British graduates are now going as far as China for work experience in a quest to broaden their horizons and improve their Curriculum Vitaes. 

With the economy booming in China, it seems apparent that there are many companies eager to take on free western interns.

CRCC Asia (which was originally created to improve business links between the UK and China) is one company which has done exceedingly well by offering internships in China to the British population. In 2009 CRCCA Asia sent 250 young Brits to China and is forecasting 1,000 placements this year alone.

The company offer a wide range of placements including those in industries such as law and accountancy. However the placements don’t come cheap, and not everyone can afford this option.

There are of course, other ways of improving your CV. These can include extracurricular activities while at University, such as joining a committee or sports team or learning to play an instrument or a foreign language. Other graduates opt to take a year out to go travelling and experience life in other cultures around the world.

All of these options can stand graduates in good stead, by demonstrating to prospective employers that they have learnt additional skills and experiences outside of their studies that can be applied in the workplace and that they have the desire and determination to succeed.

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