Getting ahead with a new job for the New Year

  14th November 2012      
 Company News

The recruitment market can be a very competitive one and finding that perfect job, can be pretty exhausting. However towards the end of the year as minds drift from the day-to-day routine to Christmas and New Year celebrations, businesses across the Country are already preparing for what is in line for 2013, January can often be overwhelming with the promise of optimism and change.
That means now is a perfect time to think about getting ahead of the crowd and seek down your desired vacancy all set for the New Year, taking advantage of those who are otherwise distracted and win big.

As a jobseeker, it’s never easy going back to work in a place that you have not been happy in for some time especially after such a long and exciting break. The New Year provides a great positive outlook and hope for the coming seasons; with a new job in toe it will make that fresh approach even greater, making the return to work a fun experience.

It has been reported that the most depressing day of the year, affectionately named Blue Monday is 21st January in 2013. It is so named for a variety of factors, these being weather conditions and Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome, personal debt level s and the times lapse between getting paid from December to January, the time elapsed since festivities, failing New Years resolutions, general seasonal motivational levels and to have something to look forward to…phew!  What better than be still enjoying novel surroundings,  maybe learning the ropes of a diverse career job, something to get your teeth into while still finding out the characteristics of work friends and colleagues, rather than stuck in a rut?

It would take a load off businesses too; you’d be a welcome breath of fresh air to those who are seeking skilled talent. Coming into an entrant of work at the beginning of the year with no real idea when the right person might fill the gap is worrying, what a Christmas present you’d be for your senior staff to have the workforce all in order.

Bond Williams
has the very finest job vacancies at any time of the year but are happy to help you get settled into something special for the New Year.
You can register your CV online so it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you don’t need to catch the post or need to call during office hours. Once they have received your requirements and after a brief meeting, they will look tirelessly in finding the correct vacancy for you and the business best-suited to your experience, skills and personality.

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