Generation Y’s hopes for a sustainable future

  6th December 2011      
 Company News

We would all like to know what the future holds but it seems that the education gained by the Y generation has produced aspirations to make significant changes to business direction in the future.

A recent survey conducted by Sky Future Leaders Study found that 70% of 750 graduate Trainees, MBA Students and high-potential middle managers believed that sustainability should be a main consideration to how a business was carried out.

About 65% thought the future of business opportunities would require an environmental and social responsibility factor as a key element. The study co-ordinators stated its meaning as “a process which involves creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society and the environment by addressing their needs and challenges”.

Putting these statistics into the melting pot it proves that these elements are real issues to those who are job hunting and the sorts of companies they would like to be part of and the ethics they would choose to be aligned with.

The report proposes a ‘five point plan’ for integrating sustainability in business: it calls on business to harness employee engagement and ideas, collaborate across industry to share best practice, take responsibility for the credentials of the supply chain, integrate sustainability into values and decisions, and use new technology to improve business performance on sustainability.

On the other side of the coin, questions were also asked about promotion prospects and the financial package which were higher up the list when presented alongside sustainability and values for a job, so maybe the generation Y is not so different to those that have gone before.  Top of the list of career wish list was job satisfaction and work-life balance.

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