Public sector cuts affect IT recruitment but the industry remains optimistic.

  26th August 2010      
 Employment, IT & Software Solutions, Recruitment

Even with a 21% fall in public sector job advertisements within the last quarter, and demonstrate that in general, jobs in IT for permanent members of staff has risen at the fastest rate ever recorded, over a period of 3 years.

It has also been reported that there has been a rise in advertised job roles for the fourth consecutive quarter (up 8% since March).

After the government prepared the country for a large number of job cuts in the public sector, 21% less public sector jobs have been advertised and public sector job posts have fallen from fourth to fifth place in sector grading. Nevertheless, contract work within the public sector has stayed reasonably optimistic.

Within the financial and media sectors, permanent job postings keep increasing, with an 8% rise in the financial sector and 12% in the media sector.

Richard Nott, website director of CWJobs, commented: “We were all aware that the IT sector would be affected by public sector cutbacks, but it’s encouraging to see that overall job postings are continuing to increase.

“With contract work still available at the moment, there are opportunities in the public sector for those willing and able to be flexible.”


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