European women work 59 days for free

  1st March 2013      
 Company News

According to new statistics and research, Women in Europe work up to 59 days for free per year as a direct result of the gender pay gap. This news comes ahead of the 2013 European Equal Pay Day which was yesterday, 28th February. This date also signifies the exact amount of days that European women work into a New Year to catch up with the salary matched by their male colleagues.

In view of these stark realities the EU Commission has highlighted a variety of good practices already being acted upon by companies in Europe who have taken steps to abolish the problem.

“European Equal Pay Day reminds us of the unequal pay conditions women still face in the labour market,” said Viviane Reding, the EU’s Justice Commissioner.

These directives will be discussed to see how well they are working at a Business Forum in Brussels on 21st March where 150 companies will bring their ideas and experiences to the table.

Viviane Reding believes that the gender pay gap and the attitudes towards it is changing but very slowly.  This is shown in latest figures with an average 16.2% pay gap currently, down from 17% or higher before 2010.

She continued “The principle of equal pay for equal work is written in the EU Treaties since 1957. It is high time that it is put in practice everywhere. Let us work together to deliver results not only on Equal Pay Days, but on all 365 days a year.”

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