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Firstly, a belated Happy New Year to all of you. And to celebrate the start of a new decade, we are now officially out of the European Union, which will hopefully go some way in improving a sustained period of uncertainty that has impacted many businesses’ recruitment activity.

In this issue, we look at physical, mental and social wellbeing of our employees, with a piece on how you can create a more eco-friendly office and a guest article from Mercer Marsh Benefits (formerly Jelf) on supporting employees with gender dysphoria. We also share advice on how to overcome some of the recruitment challenges facing the STEM sector and guest contributors reveal how to navigate your science career paradigm, why emotion is key to employee retention and minimising unconscious bias during candidate selection and interview.

In local news, find out why a US company has chosen Oxford as its UK and Ireland base and how workers rate the quality of life in the area. Another theme is leadership and productivity – Rosemary Darby-Jenkins tells us how people managers aren’t just born but also made and other articles cover tips on managing meetings and collaborating in business.

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Since initially applying for the role, I cannot say how much I have appreciated Hannah's complete and utter professionalism in assisting me throughout the assignment as she has continued to update me on the process and status of my application whether it be 'positive or negative' reporting - something that in my experience with recruitment companies is absolutely unique - both in the UK and throughout the MENA Region and having been both an 'internal and an external' client and have dealt with numerous similar recruitment organisations with unsatisfactory results!.

As a result of Hannah's work, I must say she is a total credit to Bond Williams and reflects your extremely high standards and I would have no hesitation to recommend her and your Company to any potential clients or applicants in the future.

Thank you Hannah and Bond Williams.

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