Personality Profiling


Psychometric profiling in the recruitment process can supply insightful and valuable information for shortlisting interviewees.


Our clients find they can use it to incorporate behavioural based interview questions and support more in-depth discussion. This enables them to see the total person and to make the best possible selection for the position. Profiling allows you to see how people behave at work, their strengths and limitations, communication methods and motivations.
Profiling is fast, accurate and cost effective, taking only 10 minutes to complete. It reduces the ‘guesswork’ and enables more effective people management. The benefits include:


  • Benchmarking – essential characteristics and abilities required for your positions
  • Improved interview skills – focused, in-depth interviews which improve hiring decisions
  • Development – produce a more specific training plan before the induction
  • Increased retention – an accurate job fit results in a productive, dedicated employee who is less likely to move on


These elements add value to your business. Improved recruitment and increased retention can lead to a reduction the time and cost of future recruitment and training. This impacts on profitability and gives a competitive edge.

Bond Williams can offer specialist advice on psychometric profiling to assist you in integrating this into your recruitment processes. Please contact us on 01202 233777 or for more information.

We had previously had very poor experiences with recruitment agencies and were reluctant to employ another. Having now dealt with Bond Williams, we will continue to recruit through them in the future. The CV’s all had the required skills and experience and also matched the business requirements. The fee they charged was low compared to the time we had previously wasted recruiting for this position.

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