Employers state an increase in demand for migrant workers

  7th March 2011      
 CIPD, Company News, Employment

A report concluded from a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggests that one in five employers plan to recruit migrant workers in the first quarter of 2011.

The survey results found that 43% of employers struggle to fill vacancies with UK and EU applicants due to a shortage in skilled professionals. Therefore a reported 63% of employers have been forced to seek non-UK and EU workers to fill these vacancies in order to increase business productivity.

Many employers have felt a huge impact following the introduction of capping the available number of high-skilled, non-UK and EU workers and are struggling to fill vacancies. Despite this a number of EU and UK citizens have highlighted concern about rising unemployment levels and that increasing the level of non-UK and EU workers will increase unemployment further.

Despite the concern for the high levels of unemployed UK and EU citizens, these highly skilled professional migrants bring benefits and invaluable expertise and experience that the small numbers of non-UK and EU workers don’t bring to the economy.  Keeping these skilled migrant workers out won’t help unemployed people in the UK in the short term and could have a real and negative consequence for business and the public sector.

Many high-skilled migrants have been sourced to fill engineering and financial vacancies, these candidates are scarce within the UK and EU. The problems employers face now is whether the increase in the number of employer-related visas issued by the government for the next year will be enough to address the projected increase in demand for migrant workers.

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