Employers required to offer more than a good salary to attract Millennials

  28th June 2016      
 Human Resources, Employment

New research from international job board Monster has revealed that employers in Europe who want to attract and retain Millennials must offer more than just a good salary. Millennials, broadly speaking are motivated by independence. They are driven and available to work as long and hard as they need to achieve success but they expect autonomy and freedom in return.



The research, which polled 4,114 workers across Europe, revealed that Millennials actually value opportunities to progress and shape a successful career with training and development rather than just a good salary.

This generation of professionals find it equally important to continually develop and grow their careers and 23% believe that frequently changing jobs would help the process. The study also indicated that 54% of Millennials are open to finding a new job while 21% are actively applying for new jobs.

Gian Zandona, Managing Director of Monster Worldwide said:

“The Millennial generation is becoming increasingly important in the labour market. To attract this talent it is important to delve into what they need and care about, for example by paying attention to their development needs and mentors for guidance during their career,” The research also showed that 70% of Millennials are often insecure about their skills in the workplace while 74% also indicated that they would like to have someone who supports them in their career, as a mentor.”


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