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Almost nine in ten British workers believe that their employers should offer perks specifically throughout the summer months, as a new survey by CV-Library reveals the benefits that employees expect.

However, the survey of over 1,000 UK professionals found that just one in five were offered any special kind of benefits during the summer.

Less than 50% were permitted to adjust their work attire to suit the heat despite almost two-thirds believing their employer should relax dress codes as standard.

Of the benefits already being given as summer perks, an early finish to the week was the most common on offer, followed by the relaxing of typical work dress codes to better suit the weather.

The top Summer perks currently enjoyed by UK employees were:

Leaving early on a Friday to enjoy the sun – 56.9 per cent

Allowed to wear what we want – 32.3 per cent

Summer social activities e.g. drinks after work – 31 per cent

Free ice creams and chilled drinks – 23.7 per cent

Being able to work outside – 14.2 per cent

Commenting on the growing demand for perks during the summer from UK workers, Lee Biggins, founder of CV-Library, said unpredictable British weather tended to unsettle employees.

It’s no surprise then that our data found that many UK professionals are keen to receive seasonal perks, yet only a small percentage are,” Biggins said.

“But whether you’re working in a company that does or doesn’t, there are always things you can organise with colleagues to help lighten the load.”

In the survey, CV-Library also questioned employees on which summer perks they would most like to receive. Some of the most unique responses were:

Ben from Kent: “Being able to wear Hawaiian shirts on Fridays”

Lucy from Bristol: “Lunch time siestas”

April from Staines: “Company hog roasts or barbecues every other week”

Janet from Barnsley: “Paddling pools at the office”

Spencer from Winchester: “Performance based hours – get the job done, then go have fun”

Dave from Swansea: “Free beer and mojitos provided throughout the day”

Theresa from Clapham: “Team holidays and outdoor team building activities, such as music festivals”

Paul from Sutton: “Time out during the day to watch sporting events”

Sally from Leeds: “An all-expenses paid holiday – on the company of course!”

Matthew from Hull: “Showers provided to use whenever we need during a hot day”

 Offering advice to employers, Biggins said companies offering seasonal bonuses would represent a more attractive option to job seekers.

 “While it may not be feasible for businesses to give every team member an all-expenses paid holiday or provide free beer all day, there are some basic and inexpensive perks that they can offer to keep staff from feeling the heat.”

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