Employers commonly put off by CV errors

  19th September 2011      
 Company News

New research has highlighted that two thirds of employers are put off from recruiting applicants because of basic errors in grammar on their CVs. The research shows the most common grammatical errors found on CVs to be “you’re” instead of “your”, “it’s” instead of “its” and “accept” in place of “except”.

The survey, which questioned 1,000 employers, found that the second biggest mistake made by job applicants is including too much information on their CV, which 25% of employers noted as a common deterrent from candidates.

Recruitment manager Tony Wilmot says: “A few years ago, an applicant’s biggest downfall was not tailoring their CV to the specific role they were applying for… Now applicants are aware of the necessities of personalising their entry and have completely sidelined the importance of the English language — to employers this looks lazy and careless.”

The CIPD has said that employers are receiving large numbers of unsuitable CVs for advertised positions and are struggling to fill vacancies. CIPD resoursing adviser Claire McCartney says: “High levels of unemployment have boosted quantity, but employers are struggling with quality.

“Headlines focus on high levels of unemployment, but those stark statistics mask an ongoing struggle for employers to find the skills and experience they need.

“With more cuts in the public sector expected and only marginal private sector growth, we expect a continued ‘safety-first’ approach from employees, with many wanting to stay put for the next couple of years at least, making it difficult for employers to really drive a competitive edge through the recruitment of talented individuals.”

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