Employees ask their bosses to make them feel more engaged at work

  12th November 2015       Private: Bond Williams
 Company News, Human Resources

Employees want to be praised more by their bosses and to work on exciting projects.

This is according to a study on employee engagement, which also revealed that most workers feel more inspired by their colleagues than their bosses. 42% of workers believed their peers had the most positive impact on how engaged they felt at work, well ahead of line managers at 21%.

Perhaps worryingly, only 3% said HR had the biggest positive impact on their levels of engagement. When it came to negatively affecting employee engagement, workers hold senior leadership (19%) and line managers (11%) most responsible.

In the survey, 57% of employees said they would prefer more proactive, regular interactions with their managers, but only a quarter said this is currently offered. Employers also miss out through their failure to do this, as 56% of employees said increased engagement made them more productive.

This issues HR professionals with a ‘call to arms’ to improve employee engagement. An engaged workforce results in a more successful organisation – more productive, more competitive and more resilient. Recruiting the ‘right’ person is the first step to engagement, as they then have the best potential for job engagement. We always try to ensure that a candidate’s outlook is compatible with the business culture as this is a pre-requisite for engagement. Good leadership and good management are also crucial, as referenced in this survey, as well as the company recognising how an employee’s contribution has positively impacted the organisation and providing good employment conditions and a happy culture.

The survey was conducted over 1,500 employees at large businesses across the UK and Europe.

Private: Bond Williams


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