Does your IT & Software recruitment consultant speak your code?

  22nd October 2018       Charmaine Padfield
 IT & Software Solutions, Client

When you’re looking to fill a job vacancy or expand your team using the expertise of a recruitment agency, it’s important you take time to find a reputable provider.

In niche sectors, it’s even more crucial and while IT & Software Solutions may not seem particularly out of the ordinary to you, many generalist recruitment agencies could struggle to match the ideal candidate to a role.

At Bond Williams, our sector specialists are experts in specific industries and the IT & Software Solutions team can definitely speak your code. They know your Android (Java) from your iOS (Objective-C/Swift) App Developer; the difference between MCSA and CCNA qualifications; and why a Project Manager can’t do the same as a Scrum Master.

As well as having a deep understanding of the technical skills and experience needed to fulfil your role requirements, they also have a detailed insight into the pool of candidates available and their expectations.

Rather than simply carry out keyword match searches to find prospective candidates, our specialist recruitment consultants will unpick your job specifications and the technical jargon to carry out a targeted marketing and shortlisting approach.

This may include altering the job title to attract the right talent and advertising on niche platforms. From their experience dealing with hundreds of candidates, they will also be able to advise which candidates have easily transferable skills in instances where there isn’t specific industry background.

Below, we look at just three types of roles within IT & Software Solutions and how lack of sector knowledge can result in the wrong candidates being put forward. 

Solution Architect

Generally, a solution architect can be many things. To the untrained eye, a simple keyword to CV match would result in potentially hundreds of irrelevant CVs. You wouldn’t put forward a data architect for an infrastructure architect if you knew what you were doing.

To a specialist recruitment consultant, it would be clear what key skills are required and the type of solution architect needed by examining the job specification and understanding the business.

Data architects would have experience in business intelligence, SQL and data warehousing, whereas an infrastructure architect would come from a more Data Centre and systems background who would hold specific certifications such as VCP and AWS.

Software Developer

There are millions of types of software. Without delving into the code, platforms and programmes that companies use, recruiters will not be able to effectively match a candidate. And then there are front-end, back-end and full-stack developers, so searching for ‘developer’ is not enough.

For example, we know that a front-end Web Developer might utilise PHP along with skills such as JavaScript. A back-end Web Developer, however, will also utilise PHP with other back-end coding skills such as Laravel. In these cases, we know that even searching for ‘PHP Developer’ is still not sufficient.

Technical Support

Be it internal/external or working for an MSP, there are various terms and meanings under the title ‘Technical Support’.

There is software/hardware, application, networking, telecoms as well as PC desktop skills to be clarified, to name just a few.

It is important to appreciate the environment in which the support is required as well as the certified level and if it is PC generic or system/ programme specific.

Looking to hire for a specialist IT or Software role?

We currently have a number of skilled professionals looking for their next IT & Software role across the south of England. If you’re looking to recruit, get in touch to find out how our specialist recruitment consultants can help you.

Charmaine Padfield

Managing Consultant

Charmaine’s extensive recruitment career started in 2001. Heading up our IT Recruitment Division, Charmaine has an uncanny knack of sourcing uniquely skilled talent for our clients and this is coupled with a tenacity and a great work ethic resulting in many recruitment success stories. Her ability to stay calm when …

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