Does your career live up to your expections?

  30th October 2014      
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By Suzi Dixon, Community Editor. Message us on Facebook or send in your CV via email

Are you happy in your career – or are your employees happy with you? Worrying statistics from a new report suggest that as many as one in three (33%) feel that their career progression so far has failed to meet their expectations. That’s according to a survey of over 2,500 employees published by the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, in partnership with Halogen Software.

It is common to take the odd wrong turn on a career path but being stuck in a job you dislike, or with a firm that isn’t challenging you or helping you advance in your chosen field, can be frustrating and draining. Not everyone wants to move into management but regular reviews and training can help employer and employee alike feel like they are making progress.

New laws surrounding parental leave and flexible working hours should also be considered.

Jessica Cooper, Research Adviser at the CIPD, said: “Employers should be encouraged to think flexibly, ensuring they understand employee’s career expectations and how best these can be fulfilled by their organisation, whilst recognising and supporting where this might not be possible. This involves thinking less rigidly about job roles and instead developing a better understanding of the skills of their workforce and deploying them in more effective ways that meet people’s career expectations but also serve the business well.
The CIPD recommends that employers who are concerned about retaining their talent should make sure they understand and manage employees’ career expectations but all this can be avoided if you use a recruitment consultant such as Bond Williams, who specialise in matching the right candidate with the right firm in the first place.

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