Why December Job-seeking will give you the edge

  14th November 2017      
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If you are searching for a new role this time of year, don’t put it on hold for the festivities. In fact there are many reasons why job-hunting in December could prove more successful than other times of the year and could give you the edge over your competition. Here’s how:
Christmas networking
Christmas networking has already begun, and as usual Bournemouth and Dorset has a full calendar of networking events where job-seekers can meet new people, reconnect with old acquaintances and generally find out more about what’s on offer for them. Make sure that when you head out to these networking events you are fully prepared with your business cards, CV, portfolio or blog – something to leave a lasting impression on your new expanding network.
Freelance or contractor roles could lead to full-time jobs
Once you have got out there on the circuit and started networking, market yourself as a consultant, or a specialist in your field of expertise, instead of being the frantic job-seeker. Be open to new opportunities and show you are available and ready to take on new projects. There is always a higher demand for workers caused by extra workflow and looming deadlines at this time of year, and who knows, your contract or freelance role could become your next full-time job!
Job-seekers are more likely to take a break this time of year
Many people looking for jobs during the summer and early autumn put their job search on hold at this time of year to relax and enjoy the festivities. The perceived urgency often dies down as there is enough distractions to keep people content until things are less busy and a new job becomes top of the priority list once more. A recent survey conducted revealed that 42% of workers would be looking for a new job as their New Year’s resolution. So don’t wait, keep your job search running and get a head start on the competition who could well be waiting for the new year – by then you could have bagged yourself a new role way ahead of time.
Perfect your own personal brand 
Use December to define and streamline your own personal branding. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile, CV and cover letters are all consistent and in a professional and confident tone of voice. Are you branding yourself effectively for the jobs you want? Use this time to plan your wardrobe for your next interview and make sure you come across as the person you want to be seen as in the next step of your professional journey.
Start conversations now
Begin reaching out to recruitment agencies or hiring managers yourself right now and start conversations that they will recall when they get to January 2018. This head start will mean you are fresh in their minds and first in line when interviews begin for the new roles coming up in 2018.
Re-visit old conversations
Check back on previous relationships; seeds that you may have planted earlier in the year. It is always worth revisiting old conversations that may not have had an outcome for you at the time. This is the perfect time to touch base with them. Use Linkedin to send a quick, friendly message to jog their memory. They may be overwhelmed this time of year and they can easily forget, so remind them who you are and what they liked about you last time you spoke.
Recruiters will be working hard to fill open roles
As the year draws to a close, there is always an extra push to fill roles and recruiters will be working hard to meet client demands just like anybody else. They will be motivated to fill job openings for their clients before the end of the year which means you may have more access to a varied range of opportunities with different outcomes that you may not have considered before.
Budgets will be spent
Decisions to hire can be based on budgets. Budgets are approved for a given financial year with 31st March being the most common financial year end. With a ‘use it or lose it’ mentality, remaining budgets for many HR departments will be lost and any job openings budgeted for 2017 but left unfilled may not be approved again for 2018. Managers will have an incentive to fill their jobs before the end of year. This will mean a quicker, more efficient process for you and less time waiting on decisions.
Next year’s plans
Managers are starting to think about their 2018 plans right now. So it’s the perfect time for speculative job applications; reach out to hiring decision-makers directly. You don’t necessarily have to wait for job adverts to be posted. Working with a recruitment agency will mean that you also have a consultant being pro-active and working on your behalf, working with clients to explore what opportunities will be available next year, and where you fit into that equation.


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