Conservatives win the General Election

  8th May 2015      
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By Suzi Dixon, Community Editor

In an unexpected result that went against the opinion polls, the Conservatives today won the General Election. David Cameron can now form a majority government and does not need to rely on the Lib Dems to pass legislation. It’s a fragile majority, reliant on Conservative backbenchers, but still an impressive victory for Cameron none-the-less. This means that many of the measures for businesses in Dorset and Hampshire detailed in this year’s Budget will be put into place.

Locally, the Lib Dems lost all their seats in our area, mostly to Conservatives. In Scotland, the SNP swept the board apart from just two constituencies in a wave of nationalism — Alex Salmond said: “A Scottish lion is roaring.”

In Southampton, a seat that had been Labour for years turned Tory blue. The Lib Dems lost all their seats in the region, mostly to the Conservatives, as seen in Eastleigh where the glamorous Mims Davies swung the seat with a 9,000+ majority. “This is a result of our hard work — pounding the streets and really listening to my constituents,” she said.

One former Lib Dem MP claimed that the Tories had ‘taken the credit’ for the Lib Dems policies in the coalition and used them as their ‘whipping boys’.

There were high profile losses including Vince Cable, Ed Balls and George Galloway, who lost seats for Lib Dems, Labour and Respect. UKIP leader Nigel Farage resigned after failing to win his seat in Thanet South — ironically, he was defeated by former colleague Craig McKinley, who defected to Conservatives from UKIP.

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg both resigned, prompting a leadership contest in three of the biggest political parties in the UK. At the time of writing, David Cameron is at Buckingham Palace for an audience with the Queen. They are expected to discuss the rise of the SNP and how to ensure the UK remains united.

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