CIPD welcomes proposals to help businesses tap into the 'forgotten 50 per cent'

  4th October 2012      
 CIPD, Company News

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has welcomed Labour leader Ed Miliband’s proposals to give employers more control over developing their future workforces, pointing to cross-party consensus that the UK needs to do more to place employers in the driving seat of the skills and apprenticeships system.

Katerina Rüdiger, skills policy adviser at the CIPD, comments: “Our research shows that six in ten organisations are closing their doors to the 50 per cent of young people who do not go to university. This is not just bad news for young people, but also for business. Employers tell us they’re concerned about where they’ll find the skills they need for the future – but they’re also increasingly aware of their own role in tackling this problem.

“There is a welcome and growing, common-sense consensus across the political spectrum that employers need to be leaders, not just passive consumers in the development of job-ready young people.  Our own Learning to Work campaign will actively engage employers across the economy in the development of smoother transitions from education to employment, and to break down real and perceived barriers to the recruitment and development of young people. The contributions of government and opposition alike in making the case for placing employers in the driving seat of the UK’s skills system are welcome, and will help to build employer confidence and action in this crucial area.”

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